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Fixup Achieves ISO 9001 Certification for Excellence in Quality Management

Aggiornamento: 14 nov 2023

Fixup Achieves ISO 9001 Certification for Excellence in Quality Management

Brescia, August 8th – Fixup, a startup founded in 2018 with its well-known brand Be Traced, synonymous with innovation in the motorsport world, is pleased to announce its recent success in obtaining the ISO 9001 Certification.

The ISO 9001 Certification is a global recognition of the adequacy and effectiveness of an organization's quality management systems. Our team has worked diligently to meet the rigorous requirements of the standard, thereby demonstrating a commitment to providing high-quality services and continually improving our operations.

Since 2019, the Be Traced service has been alongside major Italian motorsport events, whether on 4 or 2 wheels. In particular, Be Traced is active in the Aci Sport Grand Events Championship and many other competitions. The Be Traced solution contributes not only to event safety and marketing but also streamlines organization and, in synergy with our partner FICR (Italian Federation of Timekeepers), provides timing for special stages.

This milestone strengthens Fixup and Be Traced's reputation as a trusted provider in the industry. The certification attests to the company's dedication to delivering superior quality services and meeting customer expectations. Our entire team is determined to maintain and enhance this standard of excellence.

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Fixup is an innovative startup that develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for data acquisition and remote monitoring of equipment and machines in motion, with the goal of digitizing company processes.

Be Traced is an innovative technological platform dedicated to all road car and motorcycle races. It's an advanced and flexible solution equipped with all the tools for real-time race and competitor monitoring, as well as telemetry and timing.

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