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Be Traced solution for Rallyes

Be Traced Solution will equip for the period 2024-2026 all the vehicles involved in the rally competitions scheduled in the ACI Sport calendar. 

On this page you will find all the information about the BR001 device and installation manuals.

Our Device: BR001

High technology combined with an incredible resistance are the main features of the new BR001 device. 

Equipped with 4G LTE connection, GPS and satellite communication, BR001 is able to automatically detect impacts, and allows competitors to send distress calls to the Race Management. 

BR001 is also equipped with a 7" touch screen display that allows crews to interact quickly and intuitively with the device. 

Screenshot percorso.jpg

Be Traced Platform

We have enriched our Platform with new functions designed specifically for rallies. 

 In fact it will allow to see all the requests coming from the devices and manage the screens remotely. 

Through the Platform you can set up red flags and check for speed violations in Slowzone and Virtual Chicane. 

This accurate evolution of the Platform allows us to offer an even more complete service, designed to ensure safety in extreme competitions such as rallies.  

To view the user and installation manuals of the device click below on the respective buttons

Installation Guide 

User Guide

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