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Be Traced offers to Motorsport event organizers a complete Web platform, with all the necessary tools for real-time tracking of the competitors

  • Safety

  • Organization

  • Live timing

  • Marketing

The main advantage of the Be Traced platform for the Organizers is its ability to offer a Monitoring Direction of the entire event.

Be Traced is the next generation technology, unique in the world, able to support Organizers in an effective, precise and reliable way: rallies, hill climbs, historical events, motocross, trials, safaris, any type of event.



All stopped vehicles on the route can be identified in real time, so that actions can be taken to respond to or assist the competitors in case of accident.

Be Traced also transmits vital safety information related to the damaged vehicle, helping race officials to determine the type of accident and its severity. This means an efficient use of resources, a significant reduction in response times and real protection of crews and race staff.


Be Traced provides real-time information about safety, accidents and cuts organizational costs by reducing the number of volunteers and race officials required to hold an event.

Be Traced not only provides information about stopped vehicles, but also about any anomalous activity that you may need to know such as passing vehicles, slow moving vehicles and vehicles in the wrong direction.

All these information are stored and can support both intervention activities and accident surveys.

Furthermore, the Be Traced public platform becomes an immediate and powerful tool to inform and manage the public of enthusiasts along the route, for example in the event of unexpected situations.


The greatest involvement of fans and an innovative arena for the visibility of sponsors that exponentially amplifies the return on investment.


  • A complete Web platform for real-time tracking of the position of all competitors and the organizer's staff

  • Notifications (enter-exit) from: time checks, closed parks, reorders, special tests, etc..

  • Reception of the button pressed by competitors and staff

  • Live timing – times of passage for each competitor in average tests

  • Visualization of travelled routes and detailed reports

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