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Targa Florio Classica: Be Traced flies to Sicily supporting the oldest race in the world

Aggiornamento: 13 ott 2022

Targa Florio Classica: Be Traced flies to Sicily supporting the oldest race in the world

Brescia, October 12th - Everything is ready for the last appointment of the Campionato Italiano Grandi Eventi: the Targa Florio Classica will be held from October 13th to 16th, the last of the five competitions included in the Aci Sport calendar, after the Coppa delle Alpi , the Coppa Milano Sanremo, the Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti and the Gran Premio Nuvolari.

Organized by the Automobile Club of Palermo with the support of Aci Italia, Aci Storico and Aci Sport, the event will be divided into three stages in a regularity race.

The admitted cars will be divided this year too into four categories:

Classic - cars produced until 1977

Legend - cars produced from 1978 to 1990

Gran Turismo - GT cars produced since 1991

Ferrari Tribute - reserved for owners of Ferrari cars produced since 1991.

Discovering the beauties of Sicily along a route characterized by several special stages, there will be more than 100 historic cars to which will be added about 60 participants of the Ferrari Tribute to Targa Florio.

After the technical and sporting checks that will take place on Thursday, the first stage will start on Friday October 14th: the cars will speed on a route that will take them to the heart of Sicily, they will reach the Pergusa racetrack and they will return to Palermo in the evening, crossing the high Madonie.

The following day, on Saturday 15th, the second stage will take place along the stretches of the famous “Circuito delle Madonie”, it will lead the competitors to Cefalù and it will end again in Palermo.

On the last day, on Sunday 16th, the “Trofeo dei 100 Passi” will be staged, from Palermo to Cinisi with the final award ceremony at Terrassini.

Tracking, time acquisition and LIVE streaming

At the service of the event there will be for the first time the technological solution provided by Be Traced, made up of the tracking devices that will be installed on the cars and the tracking platform.

The service will allow the Race Direction to better coordinate all the subjects involved, to simultaneously follow the cars, the staff and the service vehicles position and direction in real time for the whole duration of the event, ensuring a quick and effective assistance during the race.

The multiple features of the interface will also allow the Race Direction to acquire clear information about the progress of the cars and the routes taken in certain points of the track, in particular in the sections of average trials.

Not only, the thousands of enthusiasts who have always gathered in Palermo to admire the fascinating cars in the race and all the Targa Florio Classica fans will be able to follow the crews bend after bend on the the route by accessing the public link of the technological platform provided by Be Traced.

Don't miss the LIVE streaming of the Targa Florio Classica 2022:

For more information:

Camilla Quarantini

Be Traced Press office

Phone: +39 030 20 53 201

The Targa Florio Classic is one of the oldest and most famous car races in the world. The "Cursa", wanted, created and organized by Vincenzo Florio, took place, from 1906 to 1977 as a speed race and from 1978 as a rally racing competition.

Be Traced is the innovative technological platform dedicated to all road car and motorcycle racing. It is an advanced and flexible solution equipped with all the tools for real-time monitoring of the race and competitors, as well as telemetry and timing.

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