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Be Traced's solution to land in Rallyes 

Discover Be Traced technology devoted to the rallyes. 

Starting from this year we are going to supply our services to all the competition included in the ACI Sport schedule. 



Be Traced is the innovative technological platform dedicated to all car and motorcycle racing on the road.

A complete platform that offers all the necessary tools for the real-time tracking of the race and competitors.

It is fully developed for car and motorcycle racing on the road.

Combining sensors and a world leader communication platform in an advance and adaptable solution, that is ideal for all the types of motor sports, Be Traced offers a vast range of features in 4 key areas:

security, management, tracking and marketing.




Safer and more accessible Motorsport for crews, spectators and officials

Monitoring direction for the Organizer

Real-time visualization of racing cars, officials and volunteers


Greater effectiveness of promotional activities

la Piattaforma


A complete Web platform for real-time monitoring of the position of all competitors and Organization’s staff.

GP Nuvolari 2021.png
  • Notifications (enter-exit) from: time checks, closed parks, reorders, special tests, etc.

  • Reception of the button pressed by competitors and staff

  • Live timing: times of each crew

  • Visualization of travelled routes and detailed reports


For the Organization, the crews and the competing teams

  • Real-time visualization of everyone’s position (competitors and staff)

  • Real-time reception of notifications (SOS, GEOFENCE, etc..)

  • Satellite navigation to a specific crew


Real-time Web visualization of the competition and competitors

Gp Nuvolari Screenshot countdown evento.PNG
  • Spectators involvement and real-time visualization of the competitors position

  • Sponsor and organization brands

  • Updates and communications by the Organizer


Be Traced is multi-device and it offers a wide range of specific trackers for different racing and use conditions.

Be Traced devices are international: the telephone SIM cards used are working in 200 countries around the world.

The best coverage is guaranteed thanks to multi-roaming in each country.

High performance battery tracker:

  • Immediately installed: thanks to powerful magnets it can be applied wherever there is a part of the vehicle in ferrous material, alternatively a 3M Dual Lock adhesive is suitable

  • Acquisition of the position once per second

  • SOS button for emergency requests

  • The battery duration is guaranteed for more than 3 months, without recharging it

Connected and powered by the vehicle tracker:

  • Quick installation

  • Acquisition of the position once per second

  • Several dedicated buttons: SOS, vehicle stopped with no SOS pressed button, request for technical intervention (towtuck), etc..

  • Sensors connection for telemetry

Tracker for remote areas (e.g. desert, where there is no GSM connectivity):

  • Tracker with satellite data connectivity

  • SOS button for emergency requests

  • Acquisition of the position every 2 seconds

Tracker for race officials and volunteers along the route:

  • Battery pocket device

  • Acquisition of the position every minute

  • SOS button for emergency requests

I Localizzatori



About us

Be Traced is the new brand that takes the place of Argo Racing.


Advanced technological solutions that support Motorsport events, offering the same performances, know-how and reliability as ever. A team of experts daily engaged in the research and design of new technologies by integrating IOT solutions, hardware and software interfaces.


Analysis, research, design have allowed the development of an innovative and constantly evolving technological solution, a multi-user telematic platform with different interfaces and multiple functions.


A complete tool able to guarantee organizers a better coordination of the many aspects that characterize sports competitions such as safety and management of all the subjects involved. A powerful marketing tool that offers greater notoriety and visibility, thanks to the opportunity to customize the different interfaces, thus increasing the visibility of the event itself and of its brand.

Car and motorcycle racing on the road, regularity races for historic cars, enduro, rallies, 4×4.

The wide range of tracking devices, equipped with specific characteristics and performances and the continuous research and implementation of new functions and technologies, make Be Traced a flexible and adaptable solution to any form of Motorsport.





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