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Fixup announces the collaboration agreement with the Italian Federation of Timekeepers

Aggiornamento: 25 ago 2023

The partnership will enable the promotion of services provided by Be Traced to organizers of terrestrial and nautical sports events and the development of increasingly innovative technologies to be applied in new contexts.

Brescia, July 18th 2023 - Fixup, an innovative start-up that has been offering IoT services and solutions with a particular focus on the Motorsport sector through the Be Traced solution since 2018, has signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with the National Sports Federation recognized by CONI for timing services.

Since 2019, the Be Traced service has been supporting organizers of automotive and motorcycle events, especially major regularity events for vintage cars, by equipping participants' vehicles with GPS devices and providing the Race Direction and organizers with a dedicated telematic platform. The solution includes the supply of hardware and software solutions for real-time tracking, safety, marketing, and time acquisition for media tests.

Having already worked together side by side during numerous competitions, with Fixup acquiring passage times in the average special stage and the Federation processing such data, the two companies will now collaborate exclusively to continuously improve the efficiency of their services.

The signed agreement entails a partnership on both technical and commercial levels, with Fixup providing its IoT expertise for the technological development of more cutting-edge solutions that can also be applied to new disciplines in which the Federation provides timing services.

«We are truly excited about this new collaboration. Working with an organization as FICR is a matter of pride for us, and we will constantly strive to make our solutions even more efficient » said Luca Zigliani, CEO of Fixup.

The Italian Federation of Timekeepers (FICr) is the body of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) responsible for timing sports events taking place in Italy. Established in 1921, its purpose is to organize and oversee, on a technical, sporting, and disciplinary level, the activities of those who voluntarily and non-profitably carry out, as an independent sports specialty, the function of accurately and impartially determining the timing results achieved by teams or individual athletes in covering distances or completing time trials as required by various competitions, as well as compiling the resulting rankings.

Fixup is an innovative start-up that develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for data acquisition and remote monitoring of equipment and moving machines, with the goal of digitizing businesses' processes.

Be Traced is the innovative technological platform dedicated to all road automotive and motorcycle races and events. It is an advanced and flexible solution equipped with all the tools for real-time monitoring of the race and competitors, in addition to telemetry and timing.

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