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Be Traced ready to sail the seas of the international powerboating event "Prologue Venice-Montecarlo

The technologies fielded by Be Traced will explore for the first time the powerboat sector

Brescia, July 20th, 2023 – Be Traced will apply GPS technology for the first time in Europe at the "Prologue Venice-Montecarlo" offshore powerboating event. This incredible event is back on track, with 19 crews divided into 4 different groups of boats, ready to face various types of challenges and experience breathtaking emotions in this adrenaline-fueled competition covering a distance of 1500 nautical miles.

The event will kick off today with technical checks taking place at the marina of Jesolo and concluding on tomorrow. Once all the boats have been verified, on Friday the race will begin from the port of Venice heading towards Cervia, featuring Special Speed Tests as the first leg, where the skill of the pilots will be crucial to push their boats to the limit. After arriving in Cervia and a well-deserved rest overnight, the competitors will set off for the second leg towards Marina di Pescara, where they will arrive on saturday. The leg will feature Regularity Tests, a challenging task for the drivers who must stick to imposed times and average speeds. On Sunday 23 the third and final leg will start from Marina di Pescara heading towards Rodi Garganico. In this leg, the competitors will face new Special Speed Tests. At the end of each leg, there will be awards ceremonies for the winning crews, and at the end of the final leg, the overall ranking will be determined.

Once again, Be Traced confirms itself as a reliable, indispensable, and pioneering technology suitable for any type of event, whether on land or in open waters! Thanks to Be Traced's devices and to our dedicated platform the race organizers will have access to real-time data for all the boats involved in the race, such as real-time speed, reception of SOS notifications, constant real-time tracking and timing during the tests with a precision of a tenth of a second. The timings will then be processed by the Federazione Italiana Cronometristi, which will first verify the timings and then it will draft the final rankings. All of this translates into an incredible contribution to the safety of the event and an utmost precision in time keeping.

We want to take you with us to this fantastic event, let you feel the power of the waves crashing against the bow and the speed of these incredible boats. To do so, we will provide our public platform throughout the duration of the event!

Follow the event at the link:

Enjoy the Race!

For more information:

Camilla Quarantini

Ufficio stampa Be Traced

Phone: +39 030 20 53 201

Be Traced is a Fixup Srl a socio unico brand

Via Guido Zadei, 45

Phone: +39 030 20 53 201

With over 1.500 nautical miles, the Venice-Montecarlo is the longest and most demanding offshore powerboat race in the world.

Be Traced is the innovative technological platform dedicated to all road automotive and motorcycle races. It is an advanced and flexible solution equipped with all the tools for real-time monitoring of the race and competitors.

Italian Timekeepers Federationor FICr is the body of CONI which is responsible for timing the sporting events that take place in Italy. It was established in 1921 to organize and direct on a technical, sporting and disciplinary level the activity of those who exercise, on a voluntary and non-profit nature, as an autonomous sporting specialty, the function of determining with the utmost precision and in compliance with the principle of impartiality the chronometric results obtained by teams or individual athletes to cover the distances or time trials provided for by the various competitions and to draw up the resulting rankings.

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